March 24, 2016

Avoiding the Designer’s Block

Whether you are a new or experienced designer, there will always be a time in your career where your ideas dry up, or you lack inspiration. This condition is designers block. As a designer, finding inspiration is essential. When you are inspired, creativity flourishes and can result in some of your best work. Here are a few tips and tricks to get your head out of the block and back into the zone.

Look to social media and online portfolios

Have a peek at what people are currently loving online. There is an enormous amount of creative work that is being posted online for you to get inspired by, have a look through the portfolios on Behance, scroll through creative works posted on Instagram, or have an adventure through Pinterest.

Dig up the past

You can do this in two ways, by going through your old works and sketches or taking a look at art history. Use what appeals to you in your design, repurpose your work or simply get inspired by some older styles and previous art movements.

Read up

Take some time to get out of the visuals and fill your mind with the ideas of others. New ideas can come from anywhere. Design blogs are perfect for this.

Talk to colleagues

Being able to throw around ideas, listen to other’s interpretation of works or just spark a conversation. You will be surprised how many ideas can emerge when you add additional minds to the conversation.


Your not going to get anything done if you stare at it, so get out a pen and paper, or a blank Photoshop canvas and start creating, don’t aim for a masterpiece, but just get some ideas flowing. Don’t stop until you have explored a number of ideas and tested some new techniques. Get creative with it and have a little fun.

Go outside

Get some fresh air, take your mind off your work and think about something else for a while. By taking a rest, you will allow your mind to revitalize and come back to your work with fresh eyes.

I assure that by doing a few of these things will help you rekindle your love for designing and you will get straight back into it with new ideas. Below are some of this weeks design inspirations, let them help you generate some new ideas.

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