February 26, 2016

You REALLY Need a Mobile-friendly Website

Off for your lunch break? Already scoffed down your lunch and crammed in that extra cup of coffee? You will probably find yourself with your eyes attached to your palm, gripping your mobile phone, endlessly scrolling through your news feed. You might be looking at cats failing at being cats, shopping online or completing those everyday errands. Hey, you might even be reading this on your mobile right now!

There are 7.4 billion people on Earth, with an enormous 6.8 billion mobile phone subscriptions. That’s almost one phone per person. And if that doesn’t shock you, a recent study shows that each person checks his or her phone up to 110 times a day, that’s every 6 seconds. At the peak hours of 5pm and 8pm, 75% of users are on their phones. So if you are one of these billion people with eyes glued to your mobile screen, and you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, well, it’s time to get on board!


These nifty devices facilitate our lives, and they conveniently fit snugly in our back pocket ready for us when we need. These days, we can be anywhere with a signal and be able to access the Internet; an enormous and useful virtual world of possibilities. In fact, 75% of people admit to bringing their phones into the bathroom, and shockingly, there are more phones than toilets.

Benefit to your business

Consumers are increasingly going mobile. In 2013 mobile shopping towered over PC and laptop shopping time. Mobile phones are a consumer’s best tool as they give easy access to compare prices, products and services, contact details, locations, promotions and discounts, even while you’re in the store.


Having a mobile-friendly website will increase traffic as results show that 74% of people make a purchase based on their mobile search results. Social media goes hand-in-hand with this as 55% of social media happens on a mobile, creating the perfect link to your page. So if the consumer depends so much on their mobile to find the right product and service for them, you need to make sure yours is there also.

Call to Action That Actually CALLS

There is nothing better than click-to-call phone numbers, a completely effortless call to action. If you don’t have one, you should get one. I shouldn’t need to elaborate on this.

Deliver content quickly

A well designed responsive website should always be seamless when scaling down to a mobile size screen, whilst keeping the same look and feel of the original design. This can be a challenge as a desktop website is usually 1920 pixels wide at its largest, and 320 pixels as a mobile screen. Due to this dramatically reduced screen size, the designers need to cut out any unnecessary content, leaving the most valuable information.

So with such a significant chunk of global web browsing being on mobile, why do only 79% of businesses have a mobile-friendly website?

If you don’t have a functional and standout mobile design for your business, you really, really need to get one. To get an in-depth understanding of how we design for mobile user experience, click here