February 26, 2016

Design Meets Content

We know that the best way to gain leads is by creating compelling and engaging content throughout your online marketing and website. On an average day, consumers are exposed to about 3500 advertising messages, that’s 24500 a week. So, as the digital realm is overflowing with new content every day, it is important that the quality content that you have worked so hard on doesn’t get lost in the crowd.


Make it VISUAL

Bring your content to life by increasing your use of eye-catching images. We all know a picture tells a thousand words, but did you know that 50% of your brain is involved in vision processing? Reel your viewers into your content by adding big and beautiful images and then continue to keep them engaged with relevant images that break up a lengthy text.

Use graphics and icons

People are getting lazy and their attention spans are getting shorter. With so much content being added daily, it’s easy for us to suffer from information overload. Luckily, graphics create small, easily digestive sets of information. An image is absorbed ten times faster than words, so keep it simple, be as accurate as possible and ensure your graphics fit in regards to relevance, purpose and style of the page or content.

Enhance with color

Color increases recall of technical information by up to 82%, so if you want your most impressive statistics to stand out, make them bold and bright.

Incorporate interactive elements

By adding interactive content into your web design and marketing media, you are adding another level of engagement. Be creative with it, but keep it professional and minimal, so the content doesn’t feel like it’s a part of game design. Using interactive content well, you can drive your traffic to the most important aspects of your webpage.

Turn it into an Infographic

Infographics have boomed since 2014 and the reason is clear – if we use multiple senses to absorb information our retention levels increase. An infographic has the same benefits as a graphic, but infographics go in-depth, they visually explain information. They are easy to share, creating a bigger online presence and spreading your business identity, so ensure your infographics have your logo visible. Infographics can be made about anything and everything as long as its information that is being conveyed. They can be easily tailored to fit different target audiences and are perfect to brighten up lengthy content and add a bit of fun to your marketing plan.

Whenever you are creating new content for your business, ensure you are thinking quality over quantity and remember to follow the basic rules of content marketing explained here and employ design to make your content engaging, memorable and easy to find.