February 9, 2016

How to become the MacGyver of Business

We’re all familiar with the TV Show MacGyver and the exceptional main character played by Richard Dean Anderson. The plot of the show was always the same: MacGyver is placed in an impossible situation and must find a way out, using limited supplies and everyday items.

So what can we as business owners learn from MacGyver?

MacGyver knew his goal.

Usually MacGyver had an end goal that revolved around him escaping a life or death situation. He saw that plan through to the end and always succeeded.

As a business owner, you need to learn from MacGyver and have a clear goal. It’s crucial to the future success and survival of your business; otherwise you’re just marching forward blindly. Conducting market research and knowing everything you can about your desired customer, your product or service, and your competition will help greatly in establishing a strong business goal.

Once you’ve got a goal in mind, it’s time to strategize.

MacGyver was resourceful.

Use what you have at your disposal. MacGyver was able to turn coffins into jet skis and disarm nuclear bombs with only a safety pin. He knew what he had available to him and used it wisely. The main difference here though, we have an entire world of resources available. Books, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, The Whole Internet! Learn how to harness your available resources and you’ll be unstoppable.

Use what you have at your disposal to create an advantageous direction for your business. You may not always have the time or resources available to create the ideal outcome, but the key is using what you have available and finding ways to do it better with creative strategies. Remember, failure to plan is planning to fail. As MacGyver always said “Think MacGyver, Think!”.

Now you know what you have available, it’s time for action!

MacGyver is a doer.

MacGyver never gave up or walked away from a challenge. MacGyver didn’t hesitate and waste time, he chose to learn by doing. Good doers are self-motivated, hard working and don’t shy away from a challenge. The more challenges you tackle and the harder you work, the better you become, and future challenges get easier.

Create an environment that promotes action. People don’t realise how important their surrounding environment is to their productivity. For MacGyver he wasn’t given any choice, be a doer or die. For us, it might as simple as logging off Facebook, or sitting somewhere without distraction. Either way, create a productive environment that encourages you to get things done.

And don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments and progress. Celebrating and rewarding yourself can serve as an incredible motivation to continue and push harder. Every action you finish, every strategy you complete, is one step closer to your end goal.