January 23, 2016

David Carson, The Gamechanger.


David Carson is an American graphic designer, art director, surfer and advertiser.
Carson began experimenting with design in the 1980’s and is well know for his ability to break all of the rules. He has been named a gamechanger, groundbreaker, innovator and pioneer.

Carson was born in Texas and relocated to California where he worked as a high school teacher while being immersed in the surfing culture of California living. Not only did Carson start experimenting with design at this time of his life, he was also named the 9th best surfer in the world.


Passion for the surf culture was used to fuel Carson’s graphic design formations. He worked for a number of surfing and skating publications such as Beach Culture, however it was his designs for RayGun magazine where his experimental typography was noticed for challenging the conventional styles of graphic design. Carson’s work played an enormous impact on the magazine as the circulation tripled due to his eye catching and engaging designs.


Carson’s illegible and ‘dirty’ design style is highly expressive and unique. He had no formal training in design therefore knew nothing about compositions, formulas or color. Carson designed in a way that felt right to him and the article; he would read the content and reinforce what was written visually. This open-minded approach to design allowed Carson to be recognized as one of the greatest living graphic designers.

In 1995, Carson left his position at RayGun to start his own studio in New York where he continued to express his passion for design. His clients are companies such as Nike, Pepsi Cola, Ray Ban, Quiksilver, Toyota and MTV.

To find out more and view his works, visit Carson’s website here: www.davidcarsondesign.com