January 12, 2016

Money making media

Instagram is the latest trend for selling a product. But how do we pursue this free tool correctly?

In recent articles, we have covered the benefits of online media being used to promote a business. You don’t have to spend money on advertising and marketing, as it can actually be free and works magically when executed correctly. Instagram has lately become vastly popular in creating new business, with the use of visual media marketing whether it is imagery or videography.


What is popular?

Trending material is a hotspot for generating new business. Why? Because when people want to find a current trend they will look up the relevant #hashtag. This leads the viewer to the trend and ultimately to you, providing your image or video stands out from the rest.

Study your tags.

  • Search for your desired hashtags such as your business name, your location and your product.
  • Upload the photo that targets the market and #hashtags you have chosen.
  • Respond to any comments as fast as possible, link your website to your Instagram homepage and inform customers that more information is available. This will get traffic to your website!

Encourage people to be social with the product you have.

Do you like your own product? Well, why not share it? An example of great Instagram marketing is a unique teeth whitening product which is sweeping the Instagram shopping world. Warpaint™ has used Instagram to their advantage, encouraging customers to share their story and create a new flow of followers through their customer’s friends. This is a genius marketing strategy that works!

Surf Pacific spoke with Petra Konig, Founder & CEO of Warpaint™.  She mentioned that Instagram is a fun and beneficial way to market her business. The use of Instagram along with #hashtagging has sky-rocketed her business, which is now an international success.


Is it good enough to share?

To make your imagery stand out, you want something fresh and informative. 80% of consumers want fast information or something entertaining to share. The best way to share an entertaining post is to incorporate your logo and unique style as this will bring the viewer back to you!


Don’t overdo it!

Many people tend to get irritated by serial posters, which can turn into a unlike. You want to avoid this, and you can do so by keeping your posts to around 2 per day.

Follow the Crowd…

When working with online media to promote a business, following the crowd is imperative in generating new leads. Follow people who take an interest in you, and ‘like’ their posts. The reason for this is:

  1. They will feel important.
  2. They will remember you from the fact you are liking everything they post
  3. They will be attracted to your product.