January 8, 2016

Why Being Number One On Google Is Not A Good Goal

YOU can guarantee for any campaign,   two common questions a business owner will ask their SEO consultant are how long till I see results and how long till I can be number one on Google?

Trees and SEO Campaigns require nurturing and take time to grow

A lot of unethical SEO companies will use the inexperience some business owners may have in the online marketing space to paint a rosy picture that getting SEO results will take a few months and you’ll be number one in no time!


Let’s repeat that again. Your goal is not to be number one on Google. That is a meaningless goal that will simply drive you insane. An SEO agency worth their salt will never solely focus on rankings as a measure of success.

Being number one on Google doesn’t guarantee that you will get more business. All it guarantees is search visibility. Pinning the hopes of your business on being number one on Google is not sustainable.

So what are the good metrics a business owner should be looking at to improve?

Metric #1: SERP CTR

Search CTR is the rate that searches will click on your organic listing. Well written descriptions that speak to your customer and not just to Google are the ones that end up driving more customers to your business. Think about it – you could be number one on Google and yet your search engine descriptions could be driving your potential customers away!

Metric #2: DWELL TIME

Dwell time is a combination of session duration (how long people spend on your site) and bounce rate (percentage of site visitors who leave your website after viewing only one page). If people are not spending long on your site and are leaving after only viewing one page, how can you ever grow your business?

Metric #3: LEADS
Out of all the metrics to focus on, the most important one of all is leads. The best search engine descriptions and the prettiest site will amount to nothing if it doesn’t translate to leads. Your customers are tuned onto the What’s In It For Me channel and if your website does not clearly communicate what is in it for your customer, you have lost a sale.

Here is an example of a good landing page:


This landing page is designed to generate leads with a clear call to action, bullet points, video, logos of well known companies to generate trust and a nice and easy form to fill in.

Here is an example of a bad landing page:


No clear call to action, no clear sense of navigation,

ASK yourself this:

Would you rather 100 keyword searches on the first page of Google or 100 new leads?

If ego drives you then of course you would say your goal is to be on the first page of Google. If however you are a discerning business owner, you know that getting on the first page of Google is a means to an end and that it is but only one ingredient in a successful organic marketing campaign.

Bottom line: Google only likes you if everyone else likes you first. A good campaign takes time and a good goal is one that is focussed on the bottom line.