January 8, 2016

Make Marketing Great Again: What Donald Trump Can Teach You About Online Marketing

You have to think anyway, so why not think big?

A great brand. A great website. A great marketing campaign. Whatever your thoughts are on Donald Trump and his presidential campaign, there are clear marketing lessons for business owners to draw upon.



Whether or not Donald Trump ends up getting the Republican  Party nomination, it is clear that his campaign is clearly benefiting from a simple message to make America great again.

Your website plays such a pivotal role in your online campaign. On this point, an important question that all business owners need to ask themselves is this: does my website have a clear and simple message? The majority of websites out there suffer depersonalization where the outside perception does not match the inner reality of the business.

Consider the following facts about websites:

  • You have up to 8 seconds to make a positive impression on your prospective customer. A prospective customer has no commitment to your website and will not hang around even if your company is the best thing since Donald Trump.
  • Approximately 96% of your website visitors are not in buying mode. They are more than likely still in research mode or consideration mode.
  • Having a video on your website can increase the amount of conversions by 144%. The reason is clear – videos help inject your website with personality!
  • Every second counts. Every second that your website takes to load can result in a 7% reduction in the amount of conversions your website makes.

Tip: Your website is not your magnum opus. The best websites in fact are never finished! Remember that your website is there to serve your customers.


Donald Trump understands branding. He is a living, breathing example of someone willing to be different and accepts that he cannot be everything to everyone.

Your online marketing campaign is no different. A strong marketing campaign is a reflection of a strong brand. It remembers that your customers are tuned in to the WIIFM channel (What’s In It For Me) and the best campaigns are ones that feature on this channel. When a prospective customer arrives at any of your owned media, it should clearly speak to your target audience by using imagery and language that appeals to them. Consider the following points of how an unsuccessful business owner would view their campaign as opposed to a successful one.

How A Successful Business Owner Thinks About Their Online Marketing Campaign:

  • What problem am I actually solving?
  • I will tune in to the WIIFM channel and make a campaign that speaks in the language of my customers
  • I will always be learning about what makes my customers tick and always be improving my campaign

How An Unsuccessful Business Owner Thinks About Their Online Marketing Campaign:

  • I will offer solutions without identifying what the problem actually is
  • I will talk in academic speak and always be trying to stuff my website with more keywords for Google
  • I will overwhelm my customers with text-heavy content and pay no attention to how it’s laid out


When it comes to your online marketing, it all starts with knowing who your audience is and then ensuring you are catering for your audience in all stages of the buying process.

Tip: Remember to ask your web designer to turn on the Demographics and Interests reports in Google Analytics. You will then be able to get a breakdown of gender and age groups visiting your website!


It has been reported that Donald Trump (as of October 2015) has only spent $2 million out of a possible $1 billion he has publicly committed to his presidential campaign. His investment in personal branding has allowed access to opportunities to shout his message from the rooftops and gain free exposure.

So what are the lessons you as a business owner can take from this?

  1. Never underestimate the power of your personal brand. As a business owner it pays to know what you and your company stands for.
  2. Traditional and online media does not promote wallflowers. Once you have articulated a clear message, be loud and be evangelical.
  3. Your ideal customer is a moving target and is present on many different devices throughout the course of the day. This requires an agile approach to attract their attention. Your business has got to be like air instead of like water, you have got to be everywhere where your audience is.

TIP: A handy Google Analytics report that all business owners need to know about is the Assisted Conversions report. This report shows how traffic can originate from one source and convert on another.

Irrespective of your political affiliations and thoughts on Donald Trump as a politician, there’s no doubt about it, the man knows how to market. Your job as a business owner is to lay out a clear message for your company – speak to your target audience and shout that message from the rooftops!