January 8, 2016

Is SEO Dead?

Uncovering the Dirty Secrets of the SEO Industry Mini Series


For as long as SEO has been around, there has been misconceptions about what SEO actually is. And for as long as SEO has been around, there have been naysayers warning about the impending death of SEO and the rise of the new king – content marketing.

A lot of the misapprehensions that surround SEO is due to unethical companies in the industry which existed when the SEO industry was still in it’s infancy and to some degree, they exist even today. Reputable SEO agencies do not offer search engine positioning guarantees or money back guarantees. However there are still a number of firms that do engage in underhanded techniques that give the entire industry a bad name.

Another reason why SEO has a bad name is for a long time, the search engines condoned spam which allowed unethical SEO companies to proliferate. It was not unheard of for companies to spam the internet with links or submit spammy articles that did not make sense to the end user.

What SEO Is

Broadly speaking, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the combination of strategies, techniques and tactics to increase search engine visibility.What most people refer to as SEO are the technical requirements that a website must fulfill to be understood by Google.

What Content Marketing Is

Content marketing is the strategic approach to online marketing that is focused on creating and distributing unique content with unique value. Content marketing is the landing pages, blogs and images / videos that communicates our ideas.

How SEO and Content Marketing Relate

SEO demands content and content marketing fulfills that need for content. SEO demands keywords and content marketing provides those keywords. SEO demands consistency and content marketing requires consistency. SEO demands backlinks and content marketing provides a reason for backlinks.

SEO and Content Marketing Overlap. SEO creates requirements and Content Marketing Fulfills It.

SEO alone is not enough. Content Marketing alone is not enough. Together, SEO and Content Marketing are a perfect complement and form an essential part of any online marketing campaign.

Content marketing never replaced SEO but merely answered the demands of SEO.