January 8, 2016

Can an SEO Agency Guarantee My Business Results?

Uncovering the Dirty Secrets of the SEO Industry Mini Series

RIGHT now as you’re reading this article, your inbox is most likely filling up with email after email from SEO companies that guarantee you the first position on Google.


This raises an important question – can SEO agencies guarantee your business the number one position on Google?

There are many reasons why reputable SEO agencies don’t offer guarantees and we will explore a few now:

REASON #1 Google and Other Search Engines Warn Against Guarantees
Straight from Google’s website: No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Google explicitly warns against partnering up with agencies that provide a #1 ranking on Google. There are no SEO companies that have a special relationship with Google or can fast track your rankings due to their secret connections with Google.

REASON #2 Rankings Are Not Results
High rankings alone does not translate into new business. High rankings are a means to an end which is to generate more traffic and generate more leads. As a business owner, you will drive yourself crazy if you focus on high rankings alone. It’s perfectly natural to see results fluctuate on a specific keyword search month in, month out. A reputable company will provide you with a detailed strategy including quick wins and longer term SEO goals that do translate into new business for your companies.

REASON #3 SEO Agencies can’t make guarantees on things they can’t control
A camera maker can guarantee the specifications on their camera but they can’t guarantee that all of your photos will be beautiful. A dentist can guarantee to whiten your teeth 5 or 6 shades whiter but they can’t guarantee that you will land the job you are going for. A stock broker can guarantee they will arm you with the best tips based on their experience but they can’t guarantee that they will make you a millionaire. When it comes to SEO, a reputable agency can guarantee that they will provide the best advice possible. They can even guarantee to grow your traffic by a certain percentage after performing an SEO audit. However because SEO agencies don’t control search engines, they can’t guarantee you the first position on Google or any other search engine.

The Dirty Secret of the SEO Industry

So with all of this in mind, how do some SEO companies get away with offering money-back guarantees?

Companies that do offer guarantees do so on keyword with little competition and a small amount of people searching for it. Being visible on these keywords may be good for your ego and help an SEO agency get your money month after month however, it will not add to your bottom line one bit. As a business owner, you won’t see email leads coming in, you won’t hear the phones ringing – you WON’T FEEL THE IMPACT that an ethical SEO campaign can bring your business. Don’t get me wrong, targeting keyword searches with low search volume can form part of an ethical campaign, just don’t expect to see a dramatic difference from one keyword search or one specific SEO tactic alone.