January 8, 2016

11 Ways to Get Online Endorsements and Dominate Google

Uncovering the Dirty Secrets of the SEO Industry Mini Series

The secret to generating long term visibility on Google is to get quality endorsements from the top websites on the internet. The mindset that is required is to focus on quality endorsements, not on the quantity. The following is a list of 11 specific ways you can build your online authority ethically and dominate Google and other search engines.

  1. Directories
    The best starting point for any website is to be featured on the common national and industry-specific directories. Common directories include Yellow Pages, White Pages, True Local, Hot Frog, LocalSearch and others.
  2. Social Media
    The next logical place to look at is your social media. More social media profiles allow a section to promote your website link. Common social media profiles include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  3. Personal Business Partnerships
    Your online authority is a reflection of your real world authority. We recommend leveraging off your real world business partnerships to demonstrate to Google that you are a business worth looking at. Things to look at include ensuring your web developer promotes you on their website and any personal blogs or websites that you could utilize to promote your site on.
  4. Local Associations
    An important way to demonstrate to Google your clout is by joining the local Chamber of Commerce. Most local Chamber of Commerce have a section on their website where they promote local businesses.
  5. Industry Associations
    Each industry has specific associations and industry groups that most members are a part of. Like the local Chamber of Commerce, these websites generally have a section where you can promote your business with a website link.
  6. Sporting Clubs, Churches and Charities
    If your business is affiliated or sponsors local sporting clubs and charities, it is recommended . Some local groups also promote affiliated businesses through email marketing which is another avenue that can be pursued.
  7. Press Releases, Online Magazines and Newspapers
    If your business is generating awareness through PR efforts, ensure that any opportunity to mention your website on a press release, online magazine or online newspaper article is taken. These endorsements are often quite valuable.
  8. Job Websites
    Looking to hire new staff? Job websites are another excellent way to promote your website link. Common sites include Seek, Monster or industry-specific job listings.
  9. Competitions and Awards
    Most industries have specific industry awards or even annual competitions. These awards and competitions are a high-profile way that you can promote your business and generate high-tier backlinks or endorsements.
  10. Events
    Is your business holding an event? Events can be a good way to promote your website via event listings. You can promote your event on your local Chamber of Commerce website, EventBrite, Meetup or in a press release.
  11. Creating Unique Content With Unique Value
    By participating and genuinely adding something of merit to the online conversation, your website will naturally be endorsed by high-tier websites that you need to be focussing on.