January 7, 2016

How to write a killer blog article


These days most websites have a blog function. Many businesses attempt to write a blog or two but often give up early on because it’s too hard, too time consuming or they don’t see the importance. If you have found yourself in that situation before, or simply want to know how to improve your articles, read through my tips to writing a killer blog article for your website.

Be consistent

We’ve all clicked through websites to find a dormant blog page with the most recent post written sometime in 2012 after some lofty attempt to produce regular content fizzled out. Amongst all the demands on time and energy that owning and operating a business holds, it’s hard to upkeep regular blog posts – particularly if you can’t see any value in it.

For content marketing to work well it must be regular. Like most things in life we start the year, month, week, campaign with high ambitions and idealized goals. Though unfortunately we all know that going to the gym every day in January and February has little effect on your physical appearance come November once you’ve fallen off the bandwagon. Naturally blogs, and most forms of content marketing, fall into this category too; it takes a long-term and consistent approach to have any lasting results.

There is no magic number of posts that show you are consistent. Content marketing superstars like Guy Kawasaki and Gary Vaynerchuk are posting content daily, often even more than that, whereas other ongoing campaigns share content once or twice a month. The important thing is to make an achievable goal that you will stick with in the long run.

Measure the success

Utilising tools like Google Analytics can show you specific data on the traffic to your blog. Which posts are performing well, how long visitors they stay on the page, whether they land on the blog or they are finding it through your site, if that is their exit page and even if they click through to your website from the blog.

It is important to assess the success of each post as well as the blog overall, as posts will feed into each other. A blog page is like an ecosystem with each post promoting the next.

Understanding which posts are performing well and which are not will help to direct the production of further content. It may also help to see what posts are popular organically in order to use some paid channels to promote them further. There is no point wasting money promoting content that no one wants to read.

Write newsworthy content

Content marketing at its core is about creating interesting, engaging, powerful, emotive, captivating content that audiences engage with willingly. This mission statement absolutely needs to be incorporated even into the humble blog article. Brands and businesses alike must move away from the excessive need to self-promote and let this engaging content sharing platform be simply that.

While the topics posted on your blog must still connect with your brand’s style, vision and presence, that doesn’t have to mean writing about your product in every-single-blog.

General Electric (GE) has established an independent blog site named GE Reports which acts similarly to an online magazine. It publishes newsworthy articles that have captured a continuously growing following. At the beginning of this year that figure had reached 300,000 monthly readers. While GE is a multinational conglomerate corporation, ranked among the Fortune 500 with the resources to launch their own media platform, the basic principles of publishing can still be transferred to any brand or business big or small.


GE Reports act as a science, tech, and innovation platform in a similar way to Pop Science or The Economist’s science and technology section. Admittedly, each piece of content still remains faithful to the GE brand by mentioning it somewhere. However, they aim to tell people something new rather than recycling already overused web content. This way even readers who are not associated with GE go away feeling like the experience was enriching.

In this manner, GE Reports have established a network of email subscribers, regular readers and an actively engaged audience that they understand and can further tailor content towards.

Incorporating all of these elements into your bimonthly blog post may seem daunting and even excessive. But think about the content you are consuming daily online. Chances are you are reading somebody’s blog post or article and loving it. Why? Because the source has posted consistently, measured the success of previous posts and altered their content accordingly, and the content is interesting and newsworthy to you.

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