January 7, 2016

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Versatile and attractively written content can capture the attention and the imagination of readers. But your choice of imagery can further add to this effect, telling a story without the need to read it!

Capturing your audience with educational, written content is always going to be imperative when running a business, as the consumer needs to know what you are about. But what about visual content? When scrolling down our newsfeed on Facebook, we only stop when something really captures our attention.

Creative visual content can be compared to going to a restaurant, peeking through to see what it looks like, before going in to dine. These days, attraction leads to attention and attention leads to possible sales.

Incorporate an attractive image

Surf Pacific met with local Brisbane entrepreneur and owner of ‘The house of Supplements’, Alex Muscat, who knows the deal when it comes to social media marketing, proving that using versatile material can help sky rocket your business and revenue.


The House of Supplements was established in 2011 as one of Australia’s Premier Supplement Retailers, which has been designed to meet the needs of all demographics and produce real results to real people! Alex commented that since establishment, there has been no use of paid Facebook sponsorship and that every aspect of his advertising has been organic.

The use of unique content, visual and written, has assisted his company, which now has 70,000 followers on Facebook and 23,000 on Instagram. This use of social media marketing has accelerated Alex’s company to international levels in under four years.

Promote your product versatilely.

Attractive and unique visual content will ensure that the consumer is intrigued enough to continue on and read the written article. Another example of great visual content is incorporating the brand into your imagery.

Bruce Heart, another Australian company, used the owner’s cat, Bruce, as a mascot, incorporating the silhouette of a cat into a heart, thus creating this eye-capturing image. Many who saw this branding wanted to know more.

So, what is it about?

Bruce Heart worked to rehome abandoned animals, all while increasing awareness to animal cruelty and providing vegan consumers with a wealth of information on where to find animal cruelty free products. The image itself tells a story.

Don’t be afraid to be fun!

When promoting your brand visually, the opportunities are endless. Confident, flirtatious advertising may be the key to positive product promotion, especially for those who enjoy the ‘little things’.

An example of this would be Frank Scrub. This company used witty branding, creating a viral flow of free advertising. Frank took the online world by storm and within 3 years has become a multi million dollar company.


Here at Surf pacific, we specialize in unique visual and written material to suit you and your business, to find out more contact us today.