January 7, 2016

The influence of content marketing

What’s good? With the influence of countless online media sites, how do we know what works?

Social media, when used strategically and creatively, can incorporate a marketing campaign for basically anything. When content is versatile, it promotes a product beyond what we thought was possible and it’s the way it is executed that usually brings positive results to the table.

The Internet is a whirlwind of opportunity that can help influence a business, a product or even a person. In this day and age, it is imperative to jump on the content marketing bandwagon to be sure your marketing tool is unique and attractive, while assisting in exposure needed to attract business goals.

Fresh marketing content can take a product promotion to the next level; thinking outside the box for fresh ideas will attract the consumer, if executed appropriately. Content marketing combined with social media is an absolute foolproof plan to make a business thrive.

It’s in the image

An example of a great content marketer is ex Disney teen queen, turned controversial sex symbol Miley Cyrus. She took the world by storm, not just during her debut performance with Robin Thicke at the VMA’s back in 2013 or with the use of her extreme music videos and outfits (if any), but with a wide range of online strategic marketing.


Miley adjusted her trademark from a moderate teen influence, to an extensive controversial and a somewhat inappropriate internet sensation by being quirky and not following the crowd; in fact, the crowd followed her.

Although to some, it looked as though Miley’s ‘bad girl’ image had tarnished her career and brand. In reality however, nobody but Miley benefited from this marketing revamp, upping her net worth in 2014 to a whopping $165 million.

Today, Miley is known as one of the most influential and successful wrecking balls in Hollywood, and the world! Her provocative fashion sense, unique dancing style and somewhat over the top marketing content on Facebook and Instagram has been a huge success, she has endless resources to do whatever she wants, and who can tell her to stop? No one.

By the use of unique content, controversial media and the incorporation of new-age social marketing hubs into one, she actively promotes herself as a product, using not only wording, but also eye capturing imagery. Content marketing can be as broad as the horizon, the ideas are endless; you just need the imagination and drive to execute it.

Unique content marketing has sky rocketed Miley to an incredible level. She now captures a huge following on social media with 30.7 million on Instagram and over 46 million on Facebook.

Creativity in content

Grasping content marketing in new ways doesn’t always have to be controversial to be successful; creativity is key to get your brand seen. There are so many ways to do this, for example Instagram has been an optimal way to promote products, with use of eye capturing imagery and the use of #hashtagging.

Instagram has proven to be a successful marketing tool, if visually attractive. Examples of this would be:

  • Short attractive videos
  • Mosaic effects
  • Eye capturing images
  • Viral #hashtags

A popular company that takes on this marketing tool is the classic Rolls Royce. The iconic automobile brand uses the mosaic effect on their Instagram.

This genre of visual marketing is a very interesting approach to capture the audience. The mosaic effect is quite self-explanatory; it reveals an image or promotion on a large scale with the previewed images being compressed together to create one large image. They have also incorporated use of videography which, when clicked individually can provide more information to the consumer.

This approach provides the company with a wider scale of marketing in a less-cluttered and compressed formation. The mosaic effect for instagram is becoming increasingly popular and effective to market a product. It is aesthetically pleasing to view and best of all, its simple! To view this, simply visit Instagram and look up @rollsroycecars.

Learning from a highly influencing marketer

Considered one of the world’s most influential marketers, Oprah Winfrey has made use of similar tactics to market her brand. She has become a master storyteller, providing her followers with a hub of information mixed with unique entertainment, which captivates people on a substantial level.

Oprah studies and executes different tactics by promoting other products as well as her own, which creates a circle of marketing and this in turn benefits her brand even more.

Things to remember:

  • You can ALWAYS blog more!
  • You can ALWAYS promote yourself!
  • You can ALWAYS create new features to attract consumers!
  • You can ALWAYS invent more articles!

The use of content and social media marketing can promote so much more than a product or a person. You are witnessing not only popular human influences but small businesses thriving from the use of content marketing.

Content strategy and how to top the pyramid

Working out a successful strategy for content marketing will be the key to becoming a more popular company in the game. These days, visual marketing combined with content is more effective than just waffling on about a product, hoping it sells.

These following steps will help ensure that your company or product thrives in the online web of competition:

  • Configure your attractive and unique content with captivating imagery
  • Make sure that your content is intriguing, educational and entertaining
  • Find the audience with the use of online tools such as #hashtagging
  • Don’t exhaust your subjects, keep the articles flowing regularly
  • Share! This is the easiest way to promote what you have to say

To use simple marketing content to promote a product, business or person, you are incorporating the most simple and effective form of advertising to ensure the best possible results in the online world.

Here at Surf Pacific, our job is to help bring you to the top of that marketing pyramid using experienced strategy. With unique content and versatile styles of online marketing that is intriguing, amusing and attractive.

For more information on content marketing or strategic marketing to benefit your business, contact us today!