January 7, 2016

Call to Action: Content marketing’s BFF

Exciting content goes hand-in-hand with a call to action if you want your audience to click through

Imagine yourself as a prospective customer: you’ve just finished reading an amazing article on the new big thing on the health market, the Fountain of Youth, but at the end of the page there was no information on where to get it. The content had captured your attention; you were thinking “Wow, I could live forever!” Next on your mind is perhaps reading more information about it, signing up for a brochure, registering for a sample, or buying it right then and there if you were so inclined. The intention with the article was to inform and educate you, and ultimately to sell the product. However, the writer of the article had not thought about your possible actions afterwards and, therefore, the opportunity to convert your interest into a lead or a sale was lost.

Capitalize on the momentum created from great content by having a call to action (CTA) to guide the reader in the direction you want them to take.

Is a call to action a necessity?

Not every piece of content marketing has the intention to sell something and not every prospective customer is looking to (or is ready) to buy. However, with informative blogs, landing pages and Facebook posts, you need the reader to take another step, otherwise, they may click away, into a competitor’s site and arms.

As content marketers, we do not want to have a high bounce rate when it comes to our digital efforts. It makes sense to have one or more strategically placed CTAs to link the prospect through to another article, to a form for a course guide, to a treatment page, or an instructional video. That way, they find extra interesting content to read, end up spending more time on your site, and have a good reason to return in the future.

What makes an effective CTA?

An effective call to action is valuable as it directs the prospective consumer to take the next logical step. It’s not a matter of crowding the page with as many opportunities as possible to convert the reader. While you want them to take action, you don’t want them to feel bombarded and turned off.

How to get your CTA noticed

  • Use a color that stands out from, but does not clash with, the background
  • Keep the statement or content of the form simple and to the point, without images that confuse the message
  • Size the button or link correctly so that it is easy to read and click on, but not so big that it takes over
  • Use action and timing words, such as ‘get’, ‘use’, ‘try’, ‘own’, ‘click here’, ‘now’, and ‘today’ to promote a sense of urgency and real outcome
  • Have an interactive theme, including taking a short quiz, personality test, or comparison questionnaire that is easily shareable to the social media world

Source: Funifi on contentmarketinginstitute.com

Content marketing and CTAs foster relationships

The ideal result of valuable content marketing, in conjunction with effective calls to action, is the conversion of your target audience from readers and researchers into consumers and brand ambassadors, and who will want to promote your business and extend your reach.

The relationship, in the beginning, may be a tenuous one, though, so you don’t want to go too hard, too quickly. Where a prospect has been directed to a site from a link, a pop-up or ‘sign up now’ CTA that is too in-your-face may turn them off straight away. An encouragement to explore, laden with value (like access to free products) would perform better and be less confronting for a first-time visitor. As the consumer engages with the content and gets to know what you’re all about, the calls to action can afford to be punchier.

Need a helping hand?

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