January 7, 2016

A beginner’s guide to content marketing

You’re a rookie in this marketing game, what’s content got to do with it?

For small business owners just starting out, or companies that have up until now been using traditional advertising strategies, the concept of content marketing may be foreign. A basic run-down of this emerging strategy is the perfect introduction to taking this content ball and running with it.

Content marketing explained in brief

At its core, the concept of content marketing involves creating interesting, relevant, and valuable information about your product or service that engages prospective consumers. Ultimately, you’ll see your audience transition from being readers or researchers to being actual customers. The key to seeing first-time customers become repeat purchasers or loyal to your business is to make sure your content is frequently updated and contains unique information. If something has caught their eye, they are more likely to remember you and return in the future if they perceive value in your content.

Why is it the new direction?

It’s no longer sufficient to pitch your product or service to the masses and simply hope that it catches on. Some consumers can be aggravated by advertising to the point where the main reason they buy a DVR is to fast forward through the TV adverts. Much of the public these days has become immune to print advertising in magazines. If you think about it from the customer’s perspective, wouldn’t you want to feel something? Be energized and get excited about a product or service; to the extent where you tell your friends about it? Be talked to instead of talked at? Targeting consumers’ emotions is not a new concept in advertising, but in today’s climate, content marketing is the key to creating a meaningful relationship between your business and your potential customers.

With traditional product-driven campaigns, tracking sales is one of the few ways to test if the consumer engagement is there. With content marketing, however, you can have a discussion with your prospective customers and you can see them interacting with your brand. The campaign can be measured in more ways than simply sales (e.g. the number of wall posts shared, videos viewed, and tweets retweeted to name a few). As the digital world phases out traditional marketing strategies, new-comers to this marketing game are perfectly placed to embrace content marketing from the get-go.

How do you achieve success as a beginner?

The keyword in this strategy is ‘unique’. If the information out there for your product or service is the same as your competitors, you aren’t likely to be seen by your potential customers. Find a unique selling point (USP) and make your content interesting. Ensure what you talk about stands out from the crowd, and tailor it to your audience. Don’t forget to regularly update your platforms (website, social media pages, etc.) so that you are always engaging in the conversation of your target audience. At the end of the day, consumers who follow you will be educated about what you are selling. In this way, content marketing differs significantly from traditional advertising strategies as you need to earn the right to be in your followers’ feed, rather than pay for a slot in between their favourite TV show or on their favourite website.

Want some help?

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