January 7, 2016

The Battle For Your Attention (Content Marketing)

Content is a battlefield.

The gloves are off when it comes to content marketing but due to the overcrowded nature of the industry, an issue has arisen in the field – the end user is being forgotten about.

Businesses and marketers are in such a rush to compete with each other that the purpose for competing has been lost. The purpose is of course to create something of value for the end user, but what might sound great for your business could be useless information for the end user. That’s a no-no.

Rule of thumb: content needs to benefit the reader, and I don’t mean offering something that “will change your life forever, but only if you act now”; not a selling push, but genuine content that people will want to share, like or comment on.

Create something worthy of attention. No matter how simple your goal may be, strive to be remarkable.


As the world fights for your attention, it is becoming harder and harder to be seen and to be of value. New ways are being developed daily to catch your attention long enough and to provide you with something of substance. So much of the internet is consists of content purely created for entertainment purposes, like vines or dubsmash, that it’s near impossible to connect with anyone on relevant topics when its far easier to get your attention with a dog farting themselves awake (don’t care how hectic your day is, everyone has time for that one). This is why every bit of content created needs to be insightful, valuable and clearly beneficial to cut through the madness of the internet.

But as marketers and business owners, we do our best to accomplish the near impossible. We fight for the privilege (it is a privilege, not a right) to be a part of people’s daily life; keeping them informed, up to date and every now and then giving them a good giggle.

Points to remember when writing for the end user

  1. Keep it simple and clear, no one likes unnecessary fluff or words you need a thesaurus to understand
  2. Don’t be afraid to use humor – we’re humans, not robots
  3. Always ask how this content will help the end user
  4. Don’t be afraid to reject reality and create your own truth; “fortune favors the bold” (within reason)

At the end of the day, people’s time is precious so be aware of this and show respect for that. If you are falling short in your content, maybe you need to look back over these points and make sure you’re nailing each one.