January 6, 2016

Say Hello to Generation C – They’re About to Transform Your Business

Who is generation C and why they’re about to transform your business

Generation C is not your typical age defined millennial, but encapsulates a new and tech savvy movement of consumer culture. They are on Facebook, they are on YouTube, they are on all screen sizes, and they live and communicate in well connected, well informed online communities.

Understand how to communicate with Gen C and they will become your highest paying, most loyal customers. Better yet, they will become raving fans and help propel your business to unimaginable success.

How to communicate with Generation C

Gen C is all about community, creation, curation and connection. Learn how to appeal to Generation C in all four of these intertwined tenants and your business will thrive.

Understanding the community & tribe mentality

Generation C is continually engaged and interacting within multiple communities and online tribes, and not only with friends and family. Members of Generation C are also eager to engage with businesses and brands.

As a business owner, you want and need people to join your community. More importantly, you want to be a part of theirs. In order to build your community, a different approach to marketing is required.

Forget traditional advertising

It’s time to forget the traditional means of advertising. Gen C’s are only interested in joining your community at their own discretion. To make this happen, you need to move your focus from hard-selling your product and services, to storytelling.

Personalize content and tell the story of how and why your business solves problems. Any response or interaction is an opportunity for you to draw consumers into your story and build your community.

Always connected

Generation C is highly engaged and always connected, whether it be from behind a computer screen or from the palm of their hand. Connecting and communicating with this new consumer culture is hard work, but it’s also a massive opportunity for your business to expand and grow.