January 6, 2016

Content marketing – The key to redefining your business and audience

Content marketing has always had the inherent objective of connecting with, and engaging a specific target audience. We hear it over and over again – produce consistent, relevant and engaging content that speaks to your target market, and eventually, they will reward you with their business and loyalty.

While most businesses recognize the importance of engaging in this manner with their target market, very few are successfully leveraging content marketing as a tool to redefine their brand and audience.

Luxury automotive manufacturer Rolls-Royce is one of the clear exceptions.

If your imagination follows the traditional stereotype, you will picture a well-groomed, older gentleman, stepping from the passenger door onto an emptied tarmac runway, before boarding a private plane. Something along those lines anyway.

While this is not an image they wish to part with anytime soon, there is a very visible target audience shift underway at Rolls-Royce.

When Rolls-Royce made their highly anticipated re-launch back in 2003, the average owner was around 60 years old. In 2009, after the launch of the Ghost series, the average age was reduced to 45. You can make a pretty strong assumption this number will again drop when the 2016 Dawn series is released.


We are not in this perpetual chase for young people. We don’t change for them. We develop the product that becomes more relevant for people that are very successful, wealthy and picky.

 – Gerry Spahn, head of corporate communications, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

While Rolls-Royce have claimed they are not actively pursuing younger buyers, the new content marketing approach they have adopted would certainly suggest otherwise.

Instagram – rollsroycecars

To facilitate a shift in consumer audience, Rolls-Royce have built an Instagram profile in the lead-up to the release of their 2016 Dawn series.

The campaign appeals to a very specific demographic – young entrepreneurial men and women with deep pockets.


The presence of automotive companies on social media has dramatically increased over the past five years, a reflection of the changing consumer journey. People will spend hours watching videos, reading reviews and investigating technical features before even considering a trip to the dealership.

While Rolls-Royce may not directly convert sales on Instagram, they are using the platform to cultivate interest and enthusiasm, while changing brand perceptions to match a new market audience.

“There are two audiences on Instagram. Our owners who are excited about sharing their lives, and people who want, dream about or are close to owning a Rolls-Royce”, says Gerry Spahn.


The success and profitability of any business is completely limited by its ability to evolve and appeal to changing consumer trends. A successful content marketing strategy will not only facilitate for changing trends, but also allow you to redefine your image, and expand appeal to different target markets.