January 6, 2016

Case Study – Intel IQ Magazine

Reaching Your Audience: Curating content beyond click throughs and visits

Intel is a multinational technology company based in California. They are widely recognized as the leading manufacturer of computer processor chips in the world.

Over the past five to ten years however, Intel has managed to outgrow the stereotype of ‘Silicon Valley computer nerds’ to become an innovative tech company at the intersection of technology, diversity and education.

Background and Insight

It has long been known that in almost every imaginable modern industry or market space, businesses and companies need to move from hard-sell product focused platforms, to storytelling.

For Intel, a company known for the production of computer hardware, this transition required a big shift in marketing approach and some serious innovation.

One of Intel’s big ideas, and one of the key driving forces behind their transition into their new and exciting phase, was the launch of their Intel iQ Magazine in 2012. 

Intel iQ – Intel’s Tech Culture Magazine

Essentially, Intel iQ is a content hub that bridges the gap between technology and humanity;

What technology is helping us to achieve now, and what technology will allow us to achieve in the future.

The cool thing about iQ is that all the content is sourced from employees, partner companies and guest contributors. It’s engaging not because it sells Intel as a product, but rather shares and sources content that interests, educates, entertains and inspires their audience in their own lives.


How does a technology company reach an increasingly fragmented, younger audience, in an ever-changing and cluttered market place?

We thought if we could just produce 20 pieces of content per month, we’d be good to go. But we realized that this “field of dreams” content strategy was pretty flawed and that we had to start thinking about distribution.

Intel’s global content & media strategist and former managing editor of iQ – Luke Kintigh.

During the initial development of iQ, it was Kintigh’s job to figure out how to best reach a new audience. Pushing out 20 pieces of content a month, regardless of the quality, just wasn’t going to cut it.

Reaching a market that is both increasingly fragmented and time-poor would take complete empathy and understanding of the audience on a whole new level, and this is what led to the creation of iQ. 

Developing a complete obsession with the audience and a deeper desire to find out what really makes them tick

Finding out what really motivated their audience was at the foundation of the Intel IQ campaign. It was not about finding out the kinds of products or services their audience were interested in consuming, but what really made them tick.

Sourcing content for the iQ magazine from a combination of Intel employees, company partners and guest contributors was a clever tactic. It allowed Intel to infiltrate the social circles and conversations of their audience.

IQ has a very intelligent back-end. We developed an algorithm to curate social content in a way that leverages our employees. We want to publish what they’re sharing and what’s grabbing their attention. It’s a combination of a social algorithm, plus an employee filter that crowdsources what they are saying and sharing, and uses that as a discovery tool.

Our simple mission: Share and source content that inspires, educates, entertains and helps all of us to better understand our modern world.

‘Developing an algorithm to curate social content’ may sound a little technical, but in reality, the strategy is shockingly simple:

Intel found out what motivated and interested their internal community (wherever life interacted with technology) and used these findings to curate content for IQ. 

The take home message

If you really want your business or company to succeed in the marketplace, you need to develop an obsession with your audience; not the things that might motivate them to consume your product or services, but the stuff that really makes them tick.

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