January 6, 2016

Why businesses continue to get online video all wrong

Video content is the future of content marketing, but don’t go about it the wrong way.

It doesn’t take an expert to figure out that video is the single most important strategy in content marketing today.

Online video content has revolutionized the way consumers satisfy their thirst for information and entertainment, and small businesses that don’t choose to include it in their marketing strategy are losing out big time. It’s no secret that every business is now becoming a media company. It is just the way the world is going; video is without a doubt the future. To stay relevant, businesses need to become great at it, but so far so many have it all wrong.

When businesses think of online video, they think of spending about ten percent of their budget on the production of the video. The production, the quality, the actual video or content itself – only ten percent! This leaves around ninety percent of the budget for the distribution. Most of which is sell, sell, sell. The majority of businesses actually waste their time and money on content that nobody really wants to watch.  That’s because they see online video as those annoying advertisement videos that pop up before each YouTube clip you watch, those ones that waste thirty seconds of your life that you’re never getting back. And that’s where they’ve got it wrong.

Consumers find those things intrusive, interruptive and just straight up annoying. Businesses are basically spending their money on, let’s be honest, crap. We have spoken about it before; the whole idea of content marketing is to bring value to your consumer. Do these intrusive advertisements do that? The answer is no. It’s time that businesses begin to transform their thinking. Instead of thinking about selling your product, start thinking about how you can provide value to your consumer.

So where should you be spending money when it comes to online video? The answer to this is simple; you should be spending money on creating great video content, the stuff people actually want to watch.

Create great content

If you’re not producing great content, then who is going to watch it? It doesn’t matter if you can get your video in front of millions of people, if your content is no good, then nobody cares. It’s all about adding value. Make your content engaging, interesting, educational, something that consumers are going to want to watch.

The key take-away here is to focus on the production, ensuring you are putting forward great video content people want to consume. Stop focusing on the distribution and focus on telling a good story. There are plenty of native ways to distribute your video content that aren’t going to cost you. Social media is currently, and will continue to, provide massive opportunities for this. Something we will discuss more in depth in our next article.

If you would like to find out more about how Surf Pacific can help you tell a story and engage your audience through video content, contact us today to discuss your options.