January 6, 2016

5 Reasons you need to visualize your content

The importance of visual content marketing

Humans are visual creatures – we tend to avoid bulky text and lean towards content which is appealing on the eye, particularly drawn to visuals which are able to capture and maintain our attention. So it’s no wonder business are turning to visual content to get their message across.

The importance of visual content has never been more prominent than now with social media dominating the digital world. If you aren’t prepared to embrace the visual content revolution, chances are you’ll be left behind. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the 5 ways visual content can transform your business.

Give your brand an identity

Visual content has a way of drawing consumers in, giving your viewers an understanding of your brand’s identity. Brands like Lorna Jane aren’t just letting you know what their employees are getting up to on a daily basis; they are giving a behind the scenes look into the lives of real employees and customers. This allows them to create a genuine human connection, helping to express a positive brand experience. Through promoting brand loyalty between the business and consumers, Lorna Jane is able to achieve a connection which wouldn’t be possible through words alone.

Using visual content to make statements about their brands stance on important issues, such as obesity, it allows consumers to understand the importance of such issues to the business. Translating a sense of genuine care, the business appears relatable to the everyday consumer.

Drive user engagement

If you ever read a book as a child, you probably skipped past most of the text and went straight for the pictures – as adults, have we really changed? Be honest, most of you probably did the same thing reading this article.

Not only do images capture your attention, they drive engagement. In fact, it has been reported that you can see a 37% increase in post engagement when using compelling visual elements. Take a look at how Coca-Cola drives user engagement through their social media.


By encouraging fans to engage in images of their product, they are able to incite discussion about their brand and gain further insights into their target market.

Condense written information

With the internet flooded with information, we realistically have around 3 seconds to catch a potential customer’s attention  so that they will consume our information. Using visual representations of data or information such as charts, tables or infographics, we are able to make consuming information more bearable. Whether a reader takes 30 minutes or 30 seconds looking at your visual content, they will be able to take meaningful information away from it.

Create an opportunity for user generated content

Chances are a large portion of your customers are on some form of image-friendly social media platform. So why not use them to help shape your brand’s story in a visual way? Not only will this create a genuine human connection, improve brand loyalty and build your story, it will also take the pressure off when it comes to content creation.

User generated content acts as somewhat of an endorsement or testimonial and a large portion of consumers actually rely on this content to assist in making a decision on whether or not to make a purchase.

Take a look at how Herschel Supply Co. encourages its fans to submit amazing visual content that gets them excited about the brand.


Having customers upload photos using well traveled on Facebook and Instagram, and then featuring the best images on their site, Herschel create a means of customer participation.

Increase referral traffic and conversions

Social media sites are actually a direct link for customers to access your site and products. When brands interact through visual means, customers are actually willing to take that next step and click through to their website.

Think of it like this: you have your partner’s birthday coming up, they go online and post an image to their Facebook or Instagram page about a great pair of shoes they like. What do you do? Chances are you go out and buy the shoes. Or if not, at least you have an idea of what they like. What an easy way to get birthday shopping done.

This makes it vital that your images stand out from the crowd and showcase your product or treatment in a visually stimulating way. In doing so, you will create content which is highly consumable and shareable, eventually leading to conversions.

In most cases, visual content will allow you to say much more than you could ever imagine with words. So start visualising your content and take full advantage of what you can give your potential customers.