December 18, 2015

6 Essential Business Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

Chances are, if you aren’t running your business this way, one of your competitors is.

That’s why I’ve created 6 things every business owner should know. 6 Essential tips with proven success that will help you expand your business and grow your client base.

Lets get into it.

  • Start telling the same story.

Any adult is aware that when telling a child something, it rarely sinks in the first time. You’ve got to say it the same way over and over before the child starts to listen. Your clients are the same, if you don’t have a strong, consistent story and you keep saying it differently overtime – you’ll just confuse them and end up confusing yourself. You shouldn’t be playing Chinese whispers, it’s paramount that you and your staff tell the same story over and over again to all the clients and potential clients that you interact with.

Sales reps are generally the worst offenders, they are notorious for telling different stories to sell the client. If all your reps tell different stories, your customers will get mixed signals and have a confused impression of exactly what your business does. This may ultimately end with the customer overlooking a key service, or even going elsewhere.

  • What do you stand for?

After you’ve got your story straight, it is time to get your brand to represent it. That doesn’t just mean your logo, just as important is the colour scheme, font choices, design style and the key message, consistent across all your designs and business branding. Creating a strong tagline and having focused core values is crucial to your business moving to a new level and turning your clients into raving fans. Just like the previous point, if you fail to have a clear branding direction or have an inconsistent approach, you’ll dilute your message and fail to convert potential prospects into clients.

  • Either they’re working in sales or they need to go!

You need to start realizing that everyone in your business works in the sales department. If not, they are working in the anti-sales department and probably need to go. It’s harsh, but likely necessary.

If that statement confuses you, it might be because of the word sales. The reality today is that the most successful sales people don’t actually do a lot of selling, instead they ask the right questions, listen really well to everyone and match solutions to any problems that arise. Sales people are no longer the ones with that amazing ability to talk your ear off, especially when consumers are more informed than they’ve ever been.

A new type of sales person is needed today. The smooth talkers are a dying breed, today calls for sales to play the match maker role. Engage the customer in conversation about their needs, usage and what their expectations are. Remember, with the click of a mouse we can shop anywhere in the world now, so ask yourself – why should they buy from you?

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  • Don’t dilute your message.

Similar to the first point, diluting your message will spell the death of your business. Discover the passion and purpose behind your business and find a way to articulate your brands core values. Start by tailoring your business to resonate with your niche market, the perfect customers. Focusing on this niche will create raving fans from your customers and if harnessed correctly – will grow your client base very quickly.

  • Know your audience, and yourself.

The world of marketing has changed and evolved so many times it’s hard to keep up. Your brand MUST be more than just a logo or a design. Without meaningful relationships with your clients and in depth knowledge of your audience, their needs and challenges, you will never understand why they purchase from you and expand your business.

So just how do you create a brand that compels your clients to come back, and tell others about what you do? The answer to that lies with you, in your brand values and discovering the passion and purpose of your business. Your brand should be honest, enthusiastic, and offer your customers something that others just can’t. Regardless of what product you’re selling or what service you offer, every business has something vital and unique they can offer their potential clients.

  • Dress to impress.

It’s the same with people, a well dressed and well groomed person will always turn heads. So why is your business any different? Presenting your business correctly and with a professional sense of elegance will evoke a feeling of comfort and reassurance in your clients. Everything you design, every message you share should be about maximizing the aesthetics and strengthening your businesses marketing materials.

Draw your clients in with your businesses branding and aesthetic appeal, keep them coming back with your amazing values and phenomenal service.

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