December 11, 2015

Stop waiting for inspiration. Steal it!

So you’ve got yourself all twisted up over a lack of original ideas? Well, stop waiting for that unique inspiration to slap you in the face and copy from those that came before you.

Not everything has to be unique. It’s obviously nice to be different, to create something new. But following in the steps of others is how the world moves forward. We find new ways to approach an idea, new ways to create it, new ways to better it. Saying to yourself, “I must create something unique” is the fastest way to set yourself up for failure. You’ll be so focused on finding an idea that doesn’t exist you’ll miss all the brilliant ideas that already do exist.

Practice makes perfect when tweaking the ideas of others. Expose yourself to books, inspirational videos, listen to music that lifts your mood – expand your life in every way you possibly can to increase the probability of making a new connect, a new idea, a good idea!

Surrounding yourself with negativity will only shrink the positive and new connections you could make. Negativity is infectious and spreads quickly, before you know it everything around you has a shadow cast over it and you can no longer think straight, let alone find an inspiring idea. So don’t restrict your opportunities to make new connections.

You need to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Live outside that restricting bubble and stop stressing over all the self-made limitations. Every thing you do has numerous angles with different ways to approach it. A single idea can be explained in an almost limitless amount of ways. Two people attempting to achieve something from the same idea will end up with completely different outcomes!

The conclusion is simple – look for something you’re passionate about, take that idea and research it until it’s yours, and then research it some more! You might just find along the way that you come up with something completely brilliant and unique!