December 11, 2015

How design plays an important part in your marketing campaign

Strong design work is pivotal to gain momentum with your marketing campaign, and shouldn’t be overlooked due to your budget. The best strategies and campaigns can fall apart very quickly if the design isn’t strong enough to match it.

Your campaign is most importantly about raising awareness.

Whether it’s awareness of your product, business or a service. Your campaign is set up in some way to sell to consumers. And these consumers will buy based on the trust they have with the business and the look of it. A poorly designed business or campaign will shatter any chance of trust you may have had with potential clients. So obviously, the opposite is true. A well designed campaign can easily portray the professional nature of your business, show great attention to detail, or strong quality control.

Great design can get you and your business known.

It can increase the visibility of your business, the standards it represents, and set you apart from all the competition. Campaigns can only gain proper traction if they’re unique, inspired, and catered towards your target market. You need to stand out from the competition to attract the consumers you want. If your campaign is correctly aligned with the audience you hope to attract, then design is the strongest weapon you have up your sleeve. It is easy to make your campaign’s design resemble that of your competitors, or to try and do the exact opposite, just remember – the most successful form of design work will create a trend, rather than follow one.

Well made design will improve conversions.

Never overlook the call to action techniques, it’s one of the simplest ways to convert strangers to leads, and leads to clients, and clients to friends. It can also work wonders in measuring the effectiveness of your campaign. The most common form of a call to action is used online in the form of a button a user can click on, and be moved to a new page, often a landing page in which they fill out the required information the business wants. It’s not quite as simple as sticking a button on a website though and expecting the consumers to roll in. Great graphic design is the psychology of understanding human behavior and creating a compelling reason for the user to click on it, otherwise it can go unseen.

It’s all about the message.

Getting your design right will reinforce the core message of your brand and campaign, and produce the result you want. The word ‘message’ means so much more than just words though, your campaign should be more thought out than that and convey a strong emotion towards the consumer. Carefully used colors, images, or visual representations will only improve the message and strengthen the trust with your potential consumers. Beyond all of that, these elements will cut straight through to your consumer a lot quicker than reading ever will. A campaigns message is the most crucial thing for a graphic designer to consider – it HAS to be translated concisely and clearly. Everything about your campaign should set your business apart from the rest, and install trust with the audience.