November 25, 2015

Advertising in 2015

I know you might find this hard to believe but there was a time when we weren’t being constantly bombarded with advertising. As with most things, advertising started with humble intentions. The message was clear and obvious – ‘this product or service will make your life better’. While the message hasn’t really changed over the years, the manner in which these messages are delivered has.

For virtually every possible need we have (or need that the advertiser intentionally creates) there are businesses creating products or offering services to fill them. The issue? More often than not, there are more than one of these businesses vying for your attention, struggling to attract you for just a few moments, hoping to leave a lasting impression and convert you into a customer.

With the first newspaper ad advertised in 1650 and the first professional advertising agency launched in 1841, its not surprising that advertising in 2015 has morphed into a different type of beast. Very rapidly, advertising has become a fact of life, coming at us all day, from all directions, appearing everywhere you look, drive, read, fly, walk, play and work, screaming at you to Book Now! Buy Now! Call Us! Free Trial! Sale!

Here are a few facts to give some insight into the day of your average consumer:

  • The average number of advertising and brand exposures per day: 5,000+
  • The average number of “ads only” exposures per day: 362
  • The average number of “ads only” noted per day: 153
  • The average number of “ads only” that we have some awareness of per day: 86
  • The average number of “ads only” that made an impression (engagement): 12

With statistics like these it’s not hard to understand why advertising is becoming more aggressive. However, the bottom line is clear – to effectively advertise to your consumers you must breakthrough the lines of advertising mediums. By doing this your level of engagement will increase and hopefully, your client base will too.