November 13, 2015

The colors and livery of Formula 1

Design comes in all different styles, one of the most popular and famous forms of design in the sporting world is Formula 1 and the livery the cars display.

The colors of livery for the cars in Formula 1 have been a big and forever growing part of the sport since the 1960s. The cars were originally painted in national colours until sponsors came along and an increasing cost crept into Formula 1. Out of these changes, the teams needed to find a way to display the logos and branding clearly – adding as much character as possible along the way. In doing this we’ve been gifted with some truly astonishingly beautiful cars over the years. Such as the Jordan team and their Benson & Hedges Snake themed car, the dramatic use of yellow and the snake painted across the car drew a lot of attention in 1997 from fans, drivers, and other teams. From this interesting and unique livery, Jordan stuck with the yellow and used it across all of their future designs until they pulled out of Formula 1 in 2005.

Another brilliant example of livery is the Lotus team – an on again off again F1 team since the 1950s. The original Lotus was painted in British colors and because of that was predominately green. Even before livery became a big thing, Lotus found a way to stand out. With the distinctive and classic British racing colors and a bright yellow racing strip down the centre of the car, it was a real eye turner during a very dangerous period in Formula 1 history. They continued with that colour scheme in some form for most of their 50+ year history in F1.

My absolute favorite though has always been Ferrari. They’ve maintained that famous and distinctive red from the very beginning – The national racing color of Italy. There was only two occasions in Formula 1 history that Ferrari deviated from the red and instead opted for something different. Incredible dedication to a color and style of livery for an amazing 65 year history in Formula 1. There’s very little you can say about the livery of the Ferrari other than ‘Wow!” – It has the amazing ability to turn heads and sell out entire circuits. Not many designs throughout history can match the recognition that Ferrari has within the realm of Formula 1 and the world as a whole.