March 11, 2016

The best 5 secrets your business needs for Instagram success

With over 200 million worldwide users and 70% of those users checking their news feeds at least once a day – 35% several times, you can’t afford to not be on Instagram. Instagram is the largest platform for uploading quick images and now videos to gain exposure. Instagram is different than other social media platforms; it focuses on photos and videos giving you the quickest way to connect with your clients on a personal level. Unfortunately, you will not be the only Instagram account for your field. There will be competition in this lively Instagram world but you can overcome it with these quick tips we’ve put together for you.


Create a steadiness of quirky images and hints of your business. It is suitable to directly post photos of your products or services. Yet generally, businesses benefit particularly from keeping balance – no one likes ads!


It is essential to keep up to date with the current movements of your target market. “Cutesy” topics such as animals, pets and babies seem to create viral movements most easily. Hashtags are also a significant trend that is here to stay. For example:

#TBT/ #ThrowbackThursday/ #FlashbackFriday – Use this as a method to show your followers the considerable growth you have made throughout your tenure.


Who is your target market? Find out! After you do, engage with them. Be active on your Instagram account. Follow them back, like their posts and share the images they post when they have compliments of your services. You can also track these by creating a hashtag of your business and monitoring when followers tag you in their images.

Above is an example of how makeup artist, Anastasia Beverly Hills uses Instagram to sell her makeup line.


skullRewarding followers is an age old social media trend. The quickest way to gain momentum with followers and likes on your Instagram account is creating competitions with rewards. Everyone loves free gifts – even a small gift voucher encouraging spending is a great idea!

An example Jack of the Dust uses to gain more followers.


Engaging with your clients on a deeper level by creating a personal rapport is a valuable asset. A sufficient technique for generating this is to post employee photos, working hard to improve your services, weekend photos and even pet photos (again with the animals)!

With the use of these guidelines configured in a way to compliment your business, you will have no option left but to succeed. Find out who your most valuable target market is and research methods to attract your consumers to the point of purchase – happy Instagramming!