February 18, 2016

Advertising is based on one thing: Happiness

Mad Men TV drama series

Mad Men advertising insight

Mad Men has engrossed audiences with the intriguing and ruthlessly competitive world of Madison Avenue advertising. In the words of the series biggest ad man, Don Draper, “Advertising is based on one thing: Happiness.” This simple, yet undeniable truth is the foundation to uniquely transform a message, style, or tone of a business and truly capture an audience. Mad Men portrays a way of life that dazzles some, gives hints of nostalgia to others and for the perceptive, provides an insight into the world of successful advertising.

Advertisement industry admiration

Bob Jeffrey, who serves as non-executive Chairman of J. Walter Thompson, the world’s best-known marketing communications brand, noted that the series had an impact on the industry. Man Men indulged businesses in an entertaining angle to advertising products and services while also inspired a pipeline of aspiring talent.

“Mad Men reminded people about what the essence of advertising is: it’s about ideas, creativity and personality”, says Jeffrey.

Art of the sell

Advertising is based on complete, pure madi-stockhappiness. Although this is a seemingly straightforward framework, developing and refining a successful advertising campaign requires a persistent approach to time, effort, challenges, and failure.  Too many campaigns fall short simply due to obsolete processes, ignorance to adapt and encapsulated alacrity to creatively approach challenges as they arise.

Tips to master the art of sell

  1. Strategic plans that brief long-term performance is essential. Always look ahead of the advertising game. Continually reevaluate and refocus content strategies, either for poor-performing campaigns or to reinforce fresh thinking to improve audience engagement.
  2. If the campaigns are falling behind consumer interest and expectations, commence campaign research and performance audits. Based on this new information, explore new media avenues and different campaign variations to improve activity.
  3. For online campaigns, publish content that is memorable, relevant and unique to cut through the circulation of clutter. The key is to adapt a unique campaign message, style, or tone that sets you apart from the competition.
  4. Know your product and know it well – you’re the expert.
  5. Understand your audience. Continually refresh the selling points in your campaign and why the audience needs or deserves your product to achieve happiness.
  6. Failure is instructive. The person who learns from his failures will turn them into their successes. Adapt and creatively approach challenges as they arise.

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