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Surf Pacific was founded in 1997 and 360 Marketing, its flagship solution, created in 2013, is the result of an obvious observation: every kind of consumer has changed how they work, play, browse, discover and purchase, yet companies have been unable to keep up. This disparity led the Gray family to create the vision for the 360 experience and to overhaul all of Surf Pacific’s operations to support it. With our breakthrough, hassle free solutions, powered by a multi-disciplined marketing team, healthcare brands of all sizes can find, influence, educate and delight patients by mastering the entire marketing mix, in ways that are bold, relevant, and customized, at 50% or less of the expenses, that it would cost to do it themselves. Surf Pacific is on a mission to add more value to the lives of entrepreneurs and healthcare business owners than any other marketing firm has ever dreamed of adding. In turn, our clients meet us halfway, with total commitment to transforming into a peak performance brand, an authority in their space.

A Brief History of Marketing


The death of traditional advertising

1960 - 2000

If you run a small practice you know that traditional advertising is no longer effective. It can no longer provide a practice with new patients, at the required sales volume, with any real level of reliability. Whether it’s radio or newspapers, trade publications or magazines, no medium has been exempt from a dwindling audience and are being met with apathy by the few who remain. For advertisers, it’s erratic and expensive, unpredictable and unmaintainable.

Any serious entrepreneur would agree that scaling a small practice using traditional advertising is virtually impossible.

Why did this happen? As any enthusiastic new media person will tell you, ‘the internet changes everything’. Yet the reason for the death of traditional advertising is not that we consumers spend all our time on the web and overnight we grew to loathe our favorite newspapers or magazines. We still read them! It’s simply that we don’t trust the ads in them anywhere near as much as we once did. It’s distrust that pervades advertising. According to the Nielsen Consumer Trust Survey, ‘consumers around the world say they trust ads on TV (47%), in magazines (47%) and in newspapers (46%)’. These figures have dropped by a staggering 24%, 20% and 25% respectively between 2009 and 2011 alone.

Depending on your view, the web has made us [consumers] either more cynical/pessimistic or educated/informed, in our attitudes toward traditional advertising. So why then, is ‘digital’ advertising heralded as the solution to our marketing challenges? Or will this all be a little bit of history repeating itself?


The rise and fall of online advertising

2001 - 2012

The death of traditional advertising created a void that online advertising was only too happy to fill. We were told that this is good news for small practices, who can now advertise to find patients cheaper than ever before. If you were an early adopter of Google AdWords, this was true. You paid a dollar or less for each prospect who visited your site. Then a tsunami of competitors jumped on the bandwagon, each vying (bidding) to be found on the same searches and sending your price per click north. Where you once paid less than $1 for a new website visitor, you could now be paying $5… $10… $20… $60… for just one visitor.

To make matters worse, large marketing agencies such as Yellow Pages and Reach Local became prolific in selling monthly paid advertising to small practices. Online advertising spend has increased by 15% over the last year and will exceed TV advertising for the first time ever. In short, what was a blue ocean became bloodied, crimson waters.

Online ads are becoming less effective and are producing lower returns, forcing most prices down further to attract and keep advertisers. Bad news for the media which run the ads, but this does explain why you keep getting $100 Google AdWords gift vouchers in the mail. One of the reasons for this decline is the growth in mobile users. Ads are more difficult propositions at the smaller size. As Technology Review’s Michael Wolff has said: “The nature of people’s behavior on the Web and of how they interact with advertising, as well as the character of those ads themselves and their inability to command attention, has meant a marked decline in advertising’s impact.” Online ads are essentially passé.


Inbound leads. Or the extreme effectiveness of content marketing

2013 - Present

Instead of spending marketing funds on traditional or online advertising, the solution is to pay people to create and market content. This is known as content marketing. It’s one of those ‘if you build it they will come things’: create brilliant content and tell people about it in an appropriate way on the right social network or Google channel and the visitors will come.

If you provide great content and get the message out to the right people, they will visit your site, explore it by consuming your content, buy your products and services, and tell their friends. This is not easy, but it isn’t rocket science either. It includes help on how using content to power inbound marketing, and marketing and sales automation. Content marketing is an expensive proposition: it takes serious thought (always an expensive commodity), time (precious stuff), and a fair amount of talent or at minimum expertise with access to talent (yet more time and money). But think of it this way: a good bit of content has a shelf life of years and the cost per click when it’s housed on your site is almost zero (the cost of your site across all it does). Even better, one great blog post can be turned into a video, a white paper and a tutorial.

We believe there is little choice in the matter. And when you’ve created a content inventory that you can reuse and repurpose, the costs will drop. When you’ve gained some experience at doing it all, it becomes easier, too. The question is do you do this yourself or hire outside help?


Hiring a marketing coordinator

2013 - Present

Adding marketing positions can be a tough choice for start-ups and small practices. When a practice begins to initiate marketing activities, the first question is, “who is going to do all this work?” Many practice managers make the decision to hire a full time Marketing Coordinator.

The work of a marketing coordinator is to promote a business, its company name, products and services. He or she puts together marketing plans and campaigns. A marketing coordinator then manages marketing relationships across several specialist firms, to ensure content is current and coherent.

This is an expensive proposition because the average annual salary for a Marketing Coordinator is $76,582 per annum at the lower end and at the high end is $96,098. Then there’s the additional cost of specialist firms or freelancers (for example, a digital agency, brand agency and a design studio) who produce creative work that the Marketing Coordinator cannot directly produce. Depending on what these specialists deliver, a small practice can spend anywhere from $30,000 to well over $200,000 per annum.

How long is a piece of string, indeed! $100,000 per year (at a minimum) for marketing is cause for any small practice founders to have his or her trepidations, especially if annual revenue is under $5m. In many cases, founders choose to personally manage the marketing or they designate someone else on staff to handle marketing even if that person has no prior experience in the field.

But what if there was a more sensible alternative? Something that addressed the death of traditional advertising and the decline of online advertising. We’re talking about something that rides on the extreme effectiveness of content marketing, but is only a fraction of the cost of hiring a Marketing Coordinator. This is where Surf Pacific’s 360 Marketing comes into focus.


Forward The ultimate solution is 360 Marketing

2013 - Evolving

No expensive staff. No fragmented work. No missed opportunities. Just tell your dedicated Strategy Director what your goals are and they use the talents of a multi-disciplined marketing team to do whatever is right for your practice, at any given time of the year. Once they deliver the right result… a new goal is set, and guess what? We go again. Let the revolutions begin.

Need your website to be the best in the healthcare industry? Done. Or maybe you need to turn ‘likes-into-leads’ via social media? Easy. How about earning top spot dominance on Google organic searches? No problem. Or maybe you want to radically differentiate your services from competitors? Now we’re talking! Need to create valuable content? Photography, articles, blogs, social media and videos that position you as a leader, so you become the obvious choice in your industry, we’ll take care of all this, every day, all year round.

And here’s the thing, your marketing will evolve and get stronger as your practice grows. It won’t be left to die on the vine as often happens with the smash-and-grab agencies.

You’ll be covered across all channels of the marketing mix.  SEO. Content Marketing. Social Media. Advertising. Design & Branding. Web Development. Public Relations. All-in-one marketing, powered by real people. Less hassle, more control and a bespoke marketing strategy that actually works. Others have called it total marketing management. We prefer 360.

You no longer have to feel like the best-kept secret in town. Because when the outside perception of a truly great business is bought up to the same level as your inside reality, customers flow. Marketing is influence. Let Surf Pacific influence your marketing with 360.

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Our People & Culture

Members of the Gray family influence our culture from the top down. Our team foster, grow and inspire a great culture from the bottom up. Together we are all Surf Pacificans. We only attract people to Surf Pacific who are infectiously upbeat, passionately curious, have a desire to win in everything they do, and want to create cutting-edge marketing. Our people aspire to be the GOAT - Greatest Of All Time, both for themselves as individuals and together as a team. On this note, we believe in the power of 1+1=11. If any of this sounds like you and you can meet us halfway with the right talent, skills and experience - then we want to hear from you. Visit our careers section and get in touch. If you are a little more ‘green’, we run an intern program that’s worth checking out. The forces that drive us can be summarized in one simple phrase, “Add More Value Than Anyone Else Is Willing To Add.” This ethos is more than a goal; it is our true purpose beyond profit. And achieving this for clients and each other gives us tremendous fulfillment.

The 360 Experience

Consumers have changed how they consume and discover products and services, reach buying decisions and share their opinions and journeys with each other. People have more power to influence whether a business succeeds or fails than ever before. Collectively, they are tuning out of traditional sales techniques and marketing messaging. The game has changed forever. So have the tools and resources essential to finding and retaining customers. We call this the modern marketing mix. Mastering it means the world needs a new playbook. That’s what 360 Marketing is. Not just a how-to guide, but a multi-talented solution to influence your market, across all channels, every day. Powered by people, backed up by enterprise technology and world-class strategy. It gives business owners back their time to spend on what matters most. This disparity in consumer behavior and business strategy is what led Gregory and Charlie Gray to create 360 Marketing in 2013 and create a new vision for mastering the 360 Marketing mix.

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