February 26, 2016

7 quick ways to creating a killer title

The modern online world is crowded; it is occupied by a number of hard-working, diligent individuals just like you. Are you attempting to break into the world of media? Whether it’s for social media or competing with your business’ competition, it takes a lot more than supplying a good product and good service. You need to be different. You need to break conformity. With over two million trading businesses in Australia today, it’s important to separate yourself from the competition.

By 2020, it is intended your business will handle 85% of its clients without human voice contact.

This alone is more than enough reason to create momentum for your business online.  Gary Vaynerchuk believes “without hustle, talent will only carry you so far”. Without continually researching your target markets wants and needs you will fall behind.


7 points to create your viral title

  1. CREATE A WORKING TITLE: Like a rough draft, your working title will develop. What is your blog about? After creating an idea for your blog, you will create a simple, short title.
  2. BE TRUTHFUL: Use correct information. Do your research; be knowledgeable on your idea.  Once you know more information you will create your blog much easier as well.
  3. CREATE SEX APPEAL: No, I don’t mean you need to create a “sexy” title. There is a difference. Sex appeal flows. You want a title which creates a relationship with the reader and gives them what they want.
  4. BIG CLAIMS: It’s okay to claim something big. Consumers will click titles which claim something they want. They’re going to choose the title which gives them something they want on a larger scale. No one wants mediocre.
  5. USE NUMBERS: It is statistically proven blogs with more lists generate clicks. The consumer is searching for a quick-fix. They want the most information in as little time as possible. Include this in your title.
  6. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): Depending on what platform you acquire the most exposure from; you need to customize your title to the consumer. Think, if you were a consumer what would you type into a search bar if you were looking for information relevant to your blog? Ensure you’re considering all the platforms you will be marketing your blog on.
  7. BRAINSTORM WITH FRIENDS OR COLLEAGUES: Finally, discuss with your peers. So many times I’ve thought I had a great idea for a title and my peers just don’t get it. If the people who know you don’t get it, what makes you think the consumer will? Take criticism constructively. The more you say your title out loud, will ensure you have met all of these seven steps.









An example of how numbers, big claims and SEO come into play in an incredibly competitive market.

After reading through these steps I hope you now understand the importance of competing in the online world. With so many new blogs, websites and social media pages being created daily it’s important to stay ahead of your surrounding competition.

Adapting to new media and understanding how online marketing can improve your business will keep you on top. Now, print this list out; keep it in your diary! Use it as your testament for continually creating blog titles which will create viral momentum.