March 5, 2016

5 CEO’s at the top of their social media game

In 2012, only 30% of CEO’s were active on social media but today? Nearly 40%

In three years the percentage of CEO’s using social media platforms has increased slowly but 61% still view social media as a distraction and don’t use it properly. Social media can be used as a real asset if used correctly and become an intelligent business move. There are a few CEO’s who are using it smartly. These CEO’s have not only succeeded in creating their own brand that generates a healthy, warm business front but it enables them to keep an eye on sentiments coming from their most valuable assets – their consumers.

Barack Obama

Let’s start with a bang and talk about the President of the United States of America. If
Barack Obama can find time for Twitter, so can you. With his combined Twitter accounts @BarackObama and @POTUS he has a total of 76.6 million followers. He actually gained a world record after creating his @POTUS account for reaching 1 million followers in less than 5 hours. We aren’t all going to have a large following the way President Obama does, yet we can still learn a lot from the material he posts. President Obama remains professional while posting genuine content. He has an understanding of how social media can assist him in gaining traction with polling and keeping a rapport with his followers.twitter

Traffic gained after President Obama launched his @POTUS Twitter account

Sophia Amoruso

Now secondly, where do I start with Sophia Amoruso? Currently standing as the CEO of online boutique Nasty Gal, she is the ultimate #GIRLBOSS and with 2 million followers on her business Instagram, she’s constantly expanding her brand. In May 2014, Amoruso released her own book called #GIRLBOSS. The book created a lot of hype, teaching other women the ways of being their own “girl bosses”; not of other individuals but of their own lives and businesses. Amoruso created this image of strong powerful women who can achieve their goals in business no matter their background. Seeing how far Amoruso has come is extremely inspiring, no wonder she has such an influx of followers and fans. She’s relatable. Women have been breaking the reality of business being a male-driven industry for years. Social media ensures Nasty Gal thrives by recognising the consumers’ needs and wants. Nasty Gals customers are online and having a relatable, real face as the brand’s image is definitely an advantage.

Paperback “#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amoruso

Donald Trump

Thirdly, we have Mister Donald Trump – CEO of The Trump Organisation and owner of the enormous Trump Tower in New York City. Trump has a colossal following on social media with 6.5 million Twitter followers. Trump has gained significant momentum in his political career by being known for “telling it like it is”. Noticing a pattern here? The public can’t get enough of CEO’s and public figures who are, in their eyes, real. Trump has captivated the attention of a mass of Americans by giving them what they want. “Make America Great Again!” is Trumps slogan for his political campaign and he needs a method to enhance his knowledge of what Americans want. Social media gives him this platform to overlook the opinions, judgements and compliments he and other competition are receiving. Via #VOTETRUMP, Trump is able to monitor his campaign while viewing the content in which the hashtag is used. The best way to stay ahead of the opposition is to give your consumers exactly what they want when they want it.

Trump’s public turnout in Georgia in February 2016, majorly marketed on social media.

Jessica Alba

Our fourth CEO is the exquisite Jessica Alba. Alba launched her own company The Honest Co. in 2011. Alba was inspired by an illness affecting her daughter Honor, realising the importance of safe products for your home –  products with no chemicals! Having a great innovative idea is a beneficial beginning to any successful business, however, keeping on top of your demanding clientele is most important. With an inventive marketing campaign, you can achieve success over your competitors. Alba ensures her company is a step ahead of the competition by creating a straight forward, trustworthy and attainable brand. “Feed the masses, eat with the classes”. Albas vision is to create affordable products for everyone. Social media keeps Alba on track of what her consumers are after by creating a comfortable rapport with her millions of followers.

An example of the relatable, content Alba posts on her business page.

Oprah Winfrey

Now lastly but definitely not least, our dearest Oprah Winfrey. CEO of Harpo Productions, it’s no secret that Winfrey is an extremely successful woman in the media world. With 31.5 million Twitter followers, she’s still making an impact on the larger scale. Winfrey is known for having such an extreme “good reputation” she can virtually do no wrong in the eyes of countless people. Not many can say they aren’t a fan of Oprah Winfrey, yet she has had to learn to adapt. Winfrey understands the world of new media  and social media. Oprah uses all sorts of social media platforms to engage her fans. Winfrey is the queen of retaining an unblemished reputation. Reputation management is something you should take on no matter how small or large your business. Social media allows you to control this your way and fit it into your busy schedule.

A recent example of Winfrey’s simple yet interactive content.

Social media is the new media platform and it’s about time you leap into it.

Social media will fit around your schedule; it is the most intelligent change you can create within your business. It is the easiest way to communicate with your consumers and stay on top of managing your reputation. Advanced technologies enable us to access all forms of social media on the go, either on your smartphones or tablets. Scroll through during your morning coffee, replace it with your morning newspaper or even on your work commute – unless you’re driving! Ideally, you need to pose on social media on a personal level, yet there is the alternative of having someone handle it for you. Now you can use filters to engage in only the conversations that matter to you and your business. Analytics will show how many people your posts are reaching as they unfold or compliance tools for problem posts. There are just so many benefits to why you need to be using social media to display your company in the light you choose. You are in control of your company’s reputation. You are in control of the face your company displays. Jump on the Twitter homepage now and create the perfect “handle”, or the Facebook page to create your business page and begin generating “likes” now! There is no better time than now to soar out from the CEO office darkness and into the illuminated world of social media – I dare you.