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March 18, 2016

360 Videos – bringing virtual reality into your home

Hundreds of thousands of views after every upload – what is this new technology and how could it work for your business?

In September 2015, Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor and CEO of Facebook, announced a new technology. 360 Videos is what he named the new automation. Since Facebook created an official page for these new videos, it has had hundreds of thousands of “likes” and each uploaded video has tens of thousands of views. Facebook’s official page for these videos is not the only page in which these videos are uploaded; since the technology was announced, many people and businesses have launched their own videos using the technology. So what exactly is it?

These videos are incredible. They’re allowing you to enter a new world with each video. No video is the same – even if they have the same topics, they can be worlds apart. You are literally able to move around in the videos and see a full 360-degree view of the videographer’s intent. You have two options to experience the technology to its fullest. The first is to physically scroll by pushing your fingers across the screen, moving and zooming in and out while the video is playing. Secondly, you can move your body with your phone or tablet while the video plays and it will catch your movements and move in your direction – pretty futuristic, right?

Now you may be thinking we’ve had this technology for years with Google Maps Street View. That technology was made using photo spheres which consist of one photograph after another made with 360-degree cameras. This resulted in laggy images and failed to produce a swift movement – not exactly virtual reality. 360 videos are smaller videos rather than pictures being laid out after one another.

This intentionally creates an extremely swift motion and we are able to experience these videos in High Definition (HD) and this feels a lot like virtual reality.

Since the technology has been uncovered and introduced to everyone, thousands of videos have popped up. From surfing in Tahiti or deep-sea swimming with dolphins –yes, you can actually follow the dolphins – and even Lebron James has jumped aboard filming a training session and other NBA games where you can follow the action right up close.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) drives with the ball during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the New Orleans Pelicans in New Orleans, Friday, Dec. 12, 2014. (AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

Travelling in your own home almost feels real with people uploading videos from all around the world.

This is giving us the closest feeling to being there in person. From New York, Times Square or the Eiffel Tower – almost every wanderlust dream destination has a video just waiting for you to experience it.


Researching new technologies keeps you relevant and in turn successful in any business or profession. This technology could be used on a larger scale or even as small and simple for dental or medical clinics giving a full tour view of their practice instead of simple images. On other scales, such as politicians or celebrities, being followed with a 360-degree camera and uploading it in blogs is a great idea. This keeps your fans and followers enticed and feeling special like they were there even if they could not be.

Marketing your business is a never ending technique. With new technologies rolling out, it’s important to understand their role in your marketing campaign.